Episode 9: Afraid of Secret Wars

This week, the boys lament the fact that their pull lists were fairly minimal. To make up for it, we tap into some old-school discussions about the original Secret Wars, which Brooks read this past week. We then admit to being afraid of the upcoming Secret Wars with its seemingly limitless titles and hefty price tag to stay in the know.

In addition, we review Runlovekill #1, enjoy Netflix's Daredevil and talk movie news surrounding upcoming blockbusters.

Next week's first issue:

  • Beyond Belief #1 (Image) - Based on the hit Nerdist podcast! It's time to send the little ones to dream land, and set your radio's dial to 'SPOOKY.' Steel yourself for mysterious suspense in...BEYOND BELIEF! Meet Frank and Sadie Doyle, toast of the upper crust! Headliners on the society pages. And oh yes...THEY SEE GHOSTS! Who cares what evil lurks in the hearts of men...unless evil's carrying the martini tray!