Episode 87: A New Valiant Character

This week, we take a look at Savage #1 - the latest character in the Valiant universe. Other books discussed include Saga, Black Widow, C.O.W.L., The Walking Dead, Letter 44, Inhumans vs. X-Men, Seven to Eternity, Deadly Class, and Old Man Logan.

In other news, we talk a potential interview with Matthew Rosenberg, FX's Legion, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Paste Magazine's best 25 comics of 2016.

Next week's Debut Review:

  • Circle #1 - After his mother dies, Christian, a teenage boy, moves to Shell bay with his single father only to be bullied as the new kid at school. He finds friendship with the 'Weird' kids and unknowingly joins them in an occult ritual that allows a darkness to possess each of them. Through the help of his gypsy neighbor, Christian will learn that the only way he can reverse the ritual is by killing off his circle of friends before they kill him or before the darkness takes over his soul. One by one he will face them all, and in the end he will have to make the hardest decision of his young life.