Episode 75: Generation Zero

This week, we review Generation Zero #1 from Valiant, and discuss many other books including Rumble, Outcast, Blue Beetle, Invincible, and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Elsewhere, we prep for more Interview Spectacular episodes, we give Ashley another shoutout, and dive into the comics-related news for the last week.

Next week's Debut Review:

  • Eden's Fall #1 - SERIES PREMIERE Top Cow combines three of its most provocative titles (THINK TANK, THE TITHE, POSTAL) in an unflinching fable of revenge and consequence. FBI Agent James Miller (THE TITHE) follows a sociopath into the off-the-grid town of Eden, Wyoming on a personal mission of vengeance. The price of this vigilante justice will be paid in blood, and both Eden and James Miller will never be the same.