Episode 68: Marvel's Latest Refresh

After missing a week for vacation, we cover a ton of the latest comic book news, including Jeff Lemire's upcoming Thanos title, our latest interviews, and the leak of a new Marvel lineup (coming in October).

We review Jade Street Protection Services (from a week ago) and talk Morning Glories, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and much more.

Next week's Debut Review:

  • Horizon #1 (Image Comics) - Zhia Malen thought she'd fought her very last war, until she learned her planet was targeted for ... by a desperate world called Earth. The people of Earth will be told that her arrival on their planet means invasion; these are lies, this is retaliation. Skybound's newest original series by BRANDON THOMAS (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury), JUAN GEDEON (Ghost Racers), and FRANK MARTIN (EAST OF WEST) will show you that survival isn't just a human instinct...