Episode 58: Naming Vision's Dog

Brooks and Alan return from a week hiatus to discuss a wide range of comics news that's dropped in that time, including Preacher updates, The Killing Joke, Suicide Squad, and more onscreen media.

In books, the two discuss Black Widow, Wicked/Divine, Fight Club 2, Power Man and Iron Fist, The Fix, and more. Additionally, Brooks talks to Tom King (writer of Vision) on Twitter and suggests a name for Vision's dog.

Next week's Debut Review:

  • Hot Damn #1 (of 5) - The masterminds of D4VE reunite with HOT DAMN, and they're taking you straight to Hell. Hard living catches up to Teddy, and eternal damnation awaits-but it's nothing like the good book tells you. Hell is a therapy session you can never leave...