Episode 27: Young Terrorists Brings Us Back

This week, Alan and Brooks review Marvel's House of M, and Black Mask's Young Terrorists. The topic shifts to how Young Terrorists has the two hooked on Black Mask Studios after having not enjoyed We Can Never Go Home as much as everyone else.

Next week's Interview Spectacular with Magnetic Press is teased, as is a new video feature provided by Alec Bernal.

Other comics of note: Gotham Academy; Alias; The Ghost Fleet; Secret Wars Journal; Magnetic Press; Archie; Invincible; and Secret Wars.

Next week's #1 review:

  • Drive #1 (of 4) - IDW: A hard-boiled pop-culture sensation re-created for comics. In L.A., there’s one man you want behind the wheel. Just tell him where and when. He doesn’t take part, doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t carry a weapon. He drives, and he’s the best. Ride along as James Sallis’ lean nü-noir masterpiece unfolds onto the sun-bleached streets of Los Angeles in this exciting 4-part comic book adaptation.

In other news: