Episode 25: Awake with John Flood

This week, Alan and Brooks review John Flood #1, from Boom! Studios, and talk briefly how good Boom's recent books have been. Afterwards, the two run the gamut as to what they've been able to read this past week. Books include:

Additionally, there's Deadpool trailer talk, a potential X-Men tv series, the not-so-good reviews of Fantastic Four, and playing as Iron Man in GTA V on your PC. Stay tuned next week for an Interview Spectacular with Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal.

Next week's #1:

  • Americatown #1 (Boom! Studios) - After an economic collapse, Americans are illegally emigrating to other countries to find work, creating "Americatowns" wherever they go. Owen has a difficult time trying to sneak back into Buenos Aires in Argentina to rejoin his family; his struggle is just a small part of the hardships and conflicting agendas in an immigrant community trying to build itself in the shadow of a once great nation.