Episode 13: Chicks Dig Comics

This week, the boys realize even more how much they enjoy certain women in comics. Black Widow gets another mention, as does a host of others for Marvel's upcoming A-force (which we won't review as our #1 next week, but we'll most likely read anyways). Other awesome ladies: Ashley at Superhero Beach, the females of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Peggy Carter, Jane Foster, and Fiona Staples to name a few.

Not everything can be awesome, though, as the Super Girl preview fails to catch our interest. Afterwards, we review Injection #1 and The Mantle #1 in our weekly segment before touching on what else we've been picking up recently.

Next week's #1 review:

  • Insufferable #1 (IDW) - What happens when your crime-fighting sidekick grows up to be an arrogant, ungrateful douchebag who makes Kanye look humble? Worse, what on Earth could force the two of you together for one last case? Nocturnus and his former protege, Galahad, will find out-if they don't kill one another first.