Interview Spectacular: Kelly Thompson

In our latest Interview Spectacular, we were thrilled to be joined by Kelly Thompson – Marvel writer of show favorite books like Hawkeye & Jessica Jones plus much more. Kelly breaks down her beginnings as a comics fan and aspiring writer, her thoughts on diversity in today’s books, and the growing role of women in superhero culture.

The interview sits just under an hour and we can’t thank her enough for the time. For all things Kelly, follow her on twitter or tumblr, and purchase all of her books.

Interview Spectacular: Francesca Root-Dodson

In the latest Interview Spectacular, we were joined by Gotham’s Francesca Root-Dodson.

Francesca recently finished her filming as Ecco (perhaps aka Harley to most fans), and is currently promoting her feature film, Free Spirit (which she wrote, starred & directed). On the show, she details her first days on Gotham, her appreciation for comics culture, and where her career may be headed next. Also, she plays a tremendous game of marry/casually date/kill.

Follow Francesca on Instagram to stay up to date on Free Spirit’s release and all her latest happenings.